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There are all kinds of possibilities for outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, bird watching, swimming, rowing and picking berries/mushrooms. Winter activities include cross country and off-track skiing, ice-fishing and snow mobiling.

Kaamanen is well known for its famous northern lights that can be seen from August to late April.

Because of good position, Kaamanen is an excellent place for making day-trips to the villages nearby and to Norway.

The most popular day-trip places (with own car) are: Utsjoki 100 km, Karigasniemi (Norway) 72 km, Sevettijärvi 87 km, Näätämö 121 km, Inari 27 km, Lemmenjoki nature park 63 km, you can also make a longer trip Kaamanen - Nordkap - Kaamanen 650 km.

Fishing and hunting
There are many good fishing places in Kaamanen that you can reach by foot, with car or with boat. Most common fishes to catch are trout, whitefish, pike and perch. In winter time you can also try ice-fishing.

In Kaamanen you have also good possibilites for hunting willow grouse. The surrounding wilderness areas are willow grouse's winter and nesting areas.

Nature trails and hiking
In Kaamanen there are three marked nature trails which give you a good view to the lappish nature.
  • Tuuruharju nature trail, lenght 3 km
  • Lake Vastusjärvi nature trail, lenght 2 km
  • Lake Muddusjärvi nature trail, lenght 6 km
From Kaamanen you can easily travel to the Kevo nature park and Lemmenjoki nature park.

Bird watching
The best site in all of Inari- Lapland for birdwatching during migration is probably the delta of the Kaamasjoki river. The birdwatching tower is constructed on a centrally situated hill, and from there the observer may view the entire vast delta. There have been observed over 70 bird species during spring migration.

The tower is halfway between Toivoniemi and the Kaamasjoki bridge, about 7km from Jokitörmä to south.

Sámi Museum - Siida
Siida is a centre with cultural and natural history exhibitions. The Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre have created a fascinating information package focusing on the indigenous Sámi people and the Northern seasons.

The exhibitions show how nature and people have adapted to the extreme conditions of the Northern environment. The main exhibition is complemented by changing cultural history, nature and art exhibits.